History Tours

We offer a range of tours covering interesting aspects of Glasgow’s history. From the ancient cathedral with its bloody Reformation story, to the place where Lister discovered penicillin, to the time the city ‘lost’ – and decades later – found an entire theatre – and you can come and see it in all its original glory!


Food & Drink

We all know that Scotland’s national drink is whisky. Our ‘other’ national drink – Barr’s Irn Bru – has a distinctive flavour and is the only soft drink to outsell Coca-Cola in our own national market – and it is made right here, in Glasgow!


We can cater to all tastes here; our beer is good, our tap water – from Loch Katrine – is unbelievable, and the food on offer, from hamburgers and pizzas, asian and oriental to deluxe Michelin-starred restaurants, is extraordinary…


Glasgow is a city of museums, galleries, beautiful historical parks, and cultural events from Mayfest to regular world-class concerts and events at the Hydro and the Scottish Exhibition Centre…

The Gallery of Modern Art


Thousands of people travel to Scotland every year in order to participate in, or to enjoy watching, sports. Two of the biggest activities are golf and football…

The Home of Golf

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